Cover missed vacations by creating itineraries through virtual rondleiding tours

Cover missed vacations by creating itineraries through virtual rondleiding tours

Bikin Itinerary Lewat Virtual Tour

If there is no Corona virus in this world, you may be playing on the beach, climbing mountains, or looking for food in a city. In fact, vacations are what I miss the most during a pandemic. Especially for those of you who already have plans to explore dream destinations this year.

The desire must first be suppressed because we are obliged to comply with the rules, that is, not to leave the house to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The yearning for vacation can be treated in an exciting way, that is, by making an itinerary through a virtual tour. You don’t have to leave the house!

Take advantage of time at home by making a vacation itinerary

Even though #stayhome is, you can still feel the excitement of the Christmas atmosphere. One of the exciting moments of the vacation is making an itinerary because we can choose the most interesting tourist destinations among the most delicious culinary destinations in our opinion. Just thinking about it is a lot of fun!

Let’s take advantage of the time at home by creating a vacation plan to treat the urge to travel. In addition to being fun because it’s a vacation simulation, this itinerary can be your guide to taking a vacation after the pandemic is over.

Find holiday inspiration through a virtual tour

Making a vacation plan is not easy. You should look for many references in people’s recommendations so that the destinations and tourist attractions you choose can create an unforgettable vacation.

You can now use virtual tours to create a vacation itinerary. This method is more exciting because you are directly involved in feeling the streets of a tourist destination. Virtual tours provide an experience to try out interesting tourist destinations, such as a personal visit.

Not only that, virtual tours provide information on tourist destinations and attractions. This way, you can consider whether the destination matches your vacation preferences. That way it will be easier for you to create a vacation plan.

Recommended Vacation Destinations For Virtual Tours That Are Guaranteed To Be Fun

For those of you who want to go on a vacation itinerary, just try joining a virtual tour of hidden places, also known as hidden gems in Bali. There is no denying it, Bali is indeed everyone’s favorite tourist destination. Besides the beaches, Bali also has a lot of natural and cultural beauty, which is a shame if you miss it.

Here are recommendations for a virtual Bali vacation tour that you must try:

Badung, Bali

If you don’t want to miss out or get a lot of exciting experiences while on vacation, try joining a virtual tour of Badung. You can explore the beach clubs in Canggu, Seminyak and Kuta. Then, learn about history and culture at the Taman Ayun Temple and the Luhur Uluwatu Temple.

Not to mention, you are invited to get acquainted with the life of local residents at Munggu Tourism Village. Finally, it’s time to take a walk and taste various culinary specialties at various hidden restaurant spots such as Lawar Kuir Men Koko and Warung Be Nyat Nyat Sempidi Village. After participating in this virtual tour, you are guaranteed to want to put together an itinerary right away!

Karangasem, Bali

Now for scuba enthusiasts, let’s dive in Karangasem, right on the Straits of Lombok. In addition to the beautiful underwater scenery, you can see the remains of the USAT Liberty that sank during WWII!

It is not complete if you go to Bali, but not to the beach. In Karangasem, you are invited to explore the beautiful beaches in the Kusamba area, Padang Bai, up to Candi Dasa. Don’t miss the sunrise tourist attraction in Karangasem, as sunrise in Bali will welcome this area for the first time.

Bangli, Bali

Do you want to have a different vacation experience in Bali? Try a virtual visit to Bangli. Forget about the beauty of Bali’s beaches for a moment, now is the time to explore the cultural and historical tourism in Bali. Bangli offers the beauty of temples like Besakih Temple and Kehen Temple.

Later, you will also be invited to explore Batukaang village to find ancient relics in the form of hundreds of statues. After that, the journey continues to Trunyan Village, a village known for its traditional local burials that take place without burial, but the bodies are placed under a trunyan tree. Curious, right?

Klungkung, Bali

Do you miss playing in the water and sunbathing on the beach? Just book a virtual tour of Klungkung. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the beaches of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Besides the beach, you are also invited to snorkel and dive until you find a pod of stingrays in Nusa Penida.

Not only the beaches to visit. You are invited to Puri Klungkung and Kertagosa to see classical Balinese paintings called Kamasan paintings. The good thing is that you can buy various unique handicrafts from this area such as Kamasan painting, such as money kepeng handicrafts, endek fabrics and many more.

Selayar Islands, South Sulawesi

Through this virtual tour, you are invited to visit the Selayar Islands in South Sulawesi. The archipelago, which consists of a group of islands with crystal clear sea water, has a beautiful underwater panorama and white sand beaches.

Not only that, the Selayar Islands also have many other destinations ranging from the Punagaang Waterfall which is surrounded by river streams and green mountain slopes, the Tanadoang Museum which stores various types of ancient artifacts and the history of the Selayar Islands. , up to Pusera peak, which is a beautiful mountainous area with panoramic views. sea ​​to the east.

Sumba, east of Nusa Tenggara

If you have plans to go to Sumba but have to postpone it due to the pandemic, join the virtual tour to explore the Land of Humba. The island has many unique traditions, such as kissing the nose and weaving.

You are invited to explore Wairinding Hill, which is famous for its extensive savannah, and to see Wai Marang Waterfall, which is light blue and loved by tourists for swimming. Also find out how to get to Sumba Island and when is the best time to visit it through this virtual tour.

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